The Middle Class Struggle is Real and its Getting Harder

Americans view themselves as being in the middle class, 80% say it is harder being in the middle class today than it was just 25 years ago. “The American middle class is not weakened or weakening—it is weak,” said Patrick Inglis, an assistant professor of sociology at Grinnell College. “Even the idea of it is weak. The middle class no longer can rely on the kind of job security that was available to earlier generations. Although over 90% of Americans identify as middle class, their income positions vary widely, from poverty level to wealthy.”

Retail Revenue Drops Along with Gas Prices and Auto Sales

Retail sales dipped last month on low gasoline prices and a slowdown in auto sales, and a key measure was 
flat despite strong job growth.

New Year Better Credit Resolution

Time to make some New Year’s resolutions! But did you know: some of the things you aspire to do in January can also help boost your credit score. Bonus!

What To Do When a Debt Collector Calls

A call from a debt collector doesnt have to be an intense one. If you know your rights it might help to ease your nerves. If you want to see if a collection bill is lingering on your credit reports, you can get your free annual credit reports once a year at