“Mr. Fox handled my bankruptcy case in a professional manner, with great expertise and fast expediency from the filing process to the court date. I am very grateful for his service and I think his firm is the best!”

“2010 started out as a difficult year for me financially. Struggling to pay month after month was truly an uphill battle. Then a friend recommended I speak with an expert bankruptcy attorney. I thought about what I was about to do long and hard because I knew that bankruptcy is a serious step. I called him — his name is Robert M. Fox, the best thing that has happened to me all year. He made the process smooth and a whole lot less painful than it could have been. Bankruptcy is a hard thing to get your head around, but when you have an attorney like Robert M. Fox in your corner, you have a winner on your team. I would recommend him to anyone else in my situation.”

I had sought help from the office of Robert M. Fox for serious debt problems including mortgage foreclosure. I am very pleased with the outcome, and felt that I was well represented at the November 10, 2009 meeting with the trustees.

“The Office of Robert M. Fox has provided professional quality service; Mr. Fox was very helpful in providing me assistance and guidance with my debt issues. I would definitely seek any future legal assistance from this firm. I have recommended Mr. Fox and the firm to others, He does everything in a timely fashion and with an outmost respect and after serious research he is one of the most affordable lawyers in New York.”

“I recently filed for bankruptcy and Robert Fox was my lawyer. I am very happy with the services he provided, not only was he professional but he was also very supportive which makes a difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer. It was a horrible time for me but Mr. Fox made it a lot less horrible. I am greatful he was there to help me get through it”